Potential Obstacles

The Mud Games offers 2 different course lengths. The 1.5 mile course is a first of its kind designed to get new mudders involved. It has 6 obstacles and will start right next to the 3.1 mile course, which has 13+ obstacles and is more intense. Both courses will end side by side next to the stage making it easy for spectators to see the monumental finale!!

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Course Obstacles

Long course:
1. Rocky Tire Mountain
2. Lochness Lane
3. Spider Crawl
4. H2O Plummet
5. Muddy Brown Placid
6. Monkey Swing Bars
7. Touch the Sky, Kiss the Ground
8. Crawl of Duty
9. River Monster Ravine
10. Mystery Obstacle
11. Kongs Ascent
12. Mystery Obstacle
13. Muddy Muck Beams
14. Fall from Grace

Short Course:
1. Rocky Tire Mountain
2. Lochness Lane
3. Muddy Brown Placid
4. Beaver Basin
5. Bi-polar Hurdles
6. Muddy Muck Beams
7. Fall From Grace

We are leaving 2 mystery obstacles for an element of surprise!. The obstacles listed are previously used obstacles and will not occur in any specific order (They may not even be included in future events, but hey, it gives you an idea right?!